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How to Get Income After 55

Without Sacrificing Your Home Equity

So You Can Live and Give as You Please

Tax-Free Cash, with No Monthly Payments while You Maintain Full Ownership and Control

Canadians are conservative. Especially Canadians over 55. We like to know what's in the small print. But 50% of retired Canadians end up with savings less than $200,000 for their retirement. On the other hand, 85% of Canadians over 60 own a home - a valuable asset. Fortunately, in Canada a reverse mortgage is a safe way to fund your lifestyle and retirement goals - far from a solution of last resort.  You will never owe more than the home is worth, and 99% of reverse mortgages leave plenty of equity in the home.

Retire Better with a Canadian Reverse Mortgage

You can stay in your home, or use the funds to buy a new one.  In fact, you're free to use the cash however you see fit, for example:

  • Day-to-day living expenses
  • Paying off debts
  • Medical bills
  • Renovating your home
  • Buying a vacation property
  • Gifts to those you love
  • Travel

You can receive the cash in one or more lump sums, or on a regular schedule of your choice, like pension. 

And these funds won't affect any other sources of income you may have, such as pensions, CCP, Old-Age Security, investment income, etc. These funds are tax-free.

To learn the truth behind Canada's best-kept retirement secret, we encourage you to browse our informative website and call a Lotus Income specialist to find out if this flexible financial tool is right for you.

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Everything You Need To Know About Reverse Mortgages In Canada

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Lotus Income is the first Canada-wide, independent information provider for equity income products. Equity income products are reverse mortgages (also called "equity releases"). In Canada only federally-regulated, top-tier banks (Schedule 1 Banks) offer reverse mortgages.

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