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Calculators For Offsetting The Loan's Interest-Rate 

Calculator #1: Lump Sum Reverse Mortgage Calculator

With a Lump Sum Reverse Mortgage, you can choose to receive your cash as a lump sum (all of it upfront), or as a lump sum with additional advances over time.

For instructions, scroll down or click here.

For Calculator #2, our Equity Pension Reverse Mortgage Calculator, click here.

Interest Rate: 4.39%
What's Your Home's Estimated Value?
How Much Money Do You Want?
How Much Does Your Home Appreciate In Value Every Year?
*These calculations and the chart are for illustration purposes only. There are always assumptions and external factors that cannot be accounted for in these calculations, and those assumptions and unknown external factors may affect future projections. Lotus Income may change or update its own calculations without notification. This information is not intended to be specific legal, financial, accounting, or tax advice of any kind.

How To Use The Lump Sum Reverse Mortgage Calculator

4 Easy Steps:

  1. At the top, where you read "Interest Rate", choose an interest rate and term (duration) by clicking on 1 of the 6 Interest Rate buttons.
  2. Beneath "What's Your Home's Estimated Value?", input your home's estimated value by sliding the green dot to the number you want. 
  3. Beneath "How Much Money Do You Want?", input your desired reverse mortgage amount by sliding the green dot to the number you want. 
  4. Lastly, beneath "How Much Does Your Home Appreciate in Value Every Year?", input your expected home appreciation value by sliding the green dot to the number you want. 

The results of each scenario are shown instantly in the graph and table.

See How Your Home Performs in Different Scenarios

Use the calculator to see how rising home values can offset some (or even all) of the amount of reverse mortgage interest accruing against your home. If your home's value rises enough, it can even offset the original reverse mortgage loan amount (the "principal"). In highly concentrated urban areas, such as those in Ontario and British Columbia, a complete offset of the loan has not been uncommon.

Calculator #2: Equity Pension Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Click here to use this calculator.


"My wife and I started working full-time at a very young age. We bought our first home together when we were both just 24. I still remember the day we picked it out – it was perfect! After we had our third child, we knew we would always be working to stay on top of our mortgage payments. That meant we would have a tough time travelling, something we’d always dreamed of doing together. Since retiring, we have had the freedom to travel to three continents. Thanks to our reverse mortgage, we’re retiring exactly how we wanted." - Greg A